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7061 Patterson Dr Garden Grove, CA 92841

Valence Garden Grove


Valence Garden Grove, formerly Coastline Metal Finishing is one of  the premier metal finishers in Southern California, located in the city of  Garden Grove. We are centrally located to many local machining companies and original equipment manufacturers from San Diego to Orange County to Los Angeles and Ventura counties. We also service a number of high tech companies throughout the United States and Canada.


We serve a variety of Industries that include microwave electronics, satellite, defense, and telecommunications. Coastline’s work force on average has over 15 years of experience working with precision machined parts. Many of the parts that we process through the facility require multiple processes including  masking, cleaning, etching, bead and grit blasting. We are a metal plating company that is known for it’s multiple processing capabilities.


We offer a wide variety of metal finishing processes and we have a very talented staff of electroplaters. Our processing capabilities consist of anodizing clear or dyed, hard anodizing, chemical film, gold plate, silver plate, electroless nickel, semi bright nickel, tin plate, tin lead, copper plate, passivation, and titanium cleaning and etching.


Valence Garden Grove is committed to providing products and services that meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of its customers. We have established quality objectives and regularly evaluate and improve all aspects of our quality and production processes to assure we are meeting this commitment. We provide pick up and delivery service Monday through Friday from San Diego to Ventura.


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Processing Capabilities

Copper Plate Electroless Ni- Hi Phos Electroless Ni- Low phos Electroless Ni- Mid phos Gold Immersion Gold Plate – Grade A Type lll Gold Plate – Grade C, Type II Gold Plate – Grade D, Type I, Type II Gold Strike Nickel Plate – Bright /Semi Bright Nickel Plate – Semi Bright Nickel Sulfamate Silver Plate – Semi Bright Sliver Plate – Matte Tin Plate Tin/Lead Plate (60/40) Tin/Lead Plate (90/10-95/5)
Abrasive Blast Glass Bead Laser Part Mark Stress Relieve Bake Ultra Sonic Cleaning
Chemical Processing Aluminum
Aluminum Etch (Pickle) Anodize – Type II Sulfuric Anodize – Type III Hard Coat Chemical Film – Type 1 (Iridite 14-2) Chemical Film – Type 1 (Alodine 1500) Chemical Film – Type 1 (Alodine 600) Chemical Film – Type 2 RoHS Compliant Chromate Treatment
Chemical Processing Hard Metals
Passivation type ll Passivation type ll, Vl, Vll, Vlll Titanium Etch (Pickle)



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