Aerospace Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Services

At Valence, we take care in ensuring your parts are flawless. We offer a range of inspection services, including NDT as a standalone service, as well as all pre and post NDT finishing services. With multiple in house level 3 certified technicians, we expertly process everything from small parts to large structural parts up to 30’.


AS9100 Nadcap Approved NDT

We offer extensive maintenance and fracture critical approvals for all major primes, including, Boeing, Airbus, and many more. We hold AS9100 Nadcap approval as well as unique approvals for NASA, United Launch Alliance, and many more.

Ask us about our on-location NDT services, including FPI and eddy current!

Non-Destructive Testing Services

Conductivity Inspection
Conductivity inspection measures the electrical conductivity of a metal part or component. This is an in process test of chemical processing to verify the integrity and consistency of a chemical processing operation.
Hardness Testing
Hardness testing verifies the hardness of the base material, and can be used to validate that previous processes have been performed correctly.
FPI (Fluorescent or Liquid Penetrant Inspection)
Fluorescent penetrant inspection is a type of dye penetrant inspection where a non-permanent fluorescent dye is applied to a non-porous part to detect cracks and defects that are invisible on sight inspection.
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Magnetic particle inspection detects surface and shallow subsurface discontinuities in ferromagnetic materials.
Eddy Current Testing
Eddy current inspection uses electromagnetic induction to find and characterize surface and sub-surface defects in conductive materials.
Copper Sulfate Testing
Copper sulfate testing verifies the effectiveness of, or need for passivation on a stainless steel part.
Boroscope Inspection
Boroscope inspection allows the internal surfaces of geometrically complex components to be visually inspected for surface finish integrity.
Valence performs all of these services to the highest degree of care, with approvals for most prime and military specifications. View our specs here.

NDT Capability Sizes

Valence Eastman L Valence Wichita L Valence Grove L Valence Garden Grove L Valence Los Angeles L Valence Seattle L Valence Everett L
Eddy Current No Limit Hardness/Conductivity No limit Hardness/Conductivity No limit Abrasive Blast 5' Hardness/Conductivity No limit Hardness/Conductivity No limit Hardness/Conductivity No limit
Hardness/Conductivity No limit Magnetic Particle Big 6' Penetrant 24' Glass Bead 3' Penetrant 27' Magnetic Particle 4.5' Penetrant 30'
Magnetic Particle 4.5' Penetrant 13' Laser Part Mark 4'   Penetrant 6'  
Penetrant 20'   Stress Relieve Bake 3'    
    Ultra Sonic Cleaning 4'    

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